Sunday, 13 December 2015


AnthonyConstantinou is a reliable entrepreneur who is also a specialist in decision making, risk management, and Bayesian methods of artificial intelligence for prediction. Constantinou applied these methods to a large range of applications in the real world for both industrial clients and academic research. These applications include gambling games, medicine, forensics, agriculture, investment decision making, sports betting, and sports prediction.

Currently, Anthony Constantinou is Post-Doctoral Researcher at Queen Mary that is a university based in London. He is studying also at School of Electronic Engineering and Computer science and Risk and Information Management Research Group. 

He works on a project named “Effective Bayesian Modeling with Knowledge before Data.” This project involves the enhancement of decision based on evidence for critical decision issues on the real world. The European Research Council is the sponsor of the project. Constantinou works also for Agena Ltd as a P/T Partner Consultant where he works with world-famous professors of university as a consultant in Decision Science.

Together, they use the latest advances from the domain of visualization and artificial intelligence in order to elucidate complex risky issues and enhance processes of decision making.

AnthonyConstantinou and these renowned professors use Bayesian network technology to develop personalized decision backup tools for clients around the world and across many sectors of industry. Since 2010, Constantinou founded a website that offers free football match predictions of English Premier League based on models and algorithms developed during his researches. The website is named